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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you design and manufacture your products at Kiss My Mutt™?
  • Yes, we do! We design and manufacture our products from start to finish!
2. Where are your products made?
  • Most of Kiss My Mutt's™ products are 'Made in the United States'. That means we strive to buy our supplies as well as manufacture within the country! 
3. Are your products machine washable?
  • Yes! All of our products can be washed. It is important to read each products' 'Care Instructions' to see the best way to care for your Kiss My Mutt™ products. 
4. How are your dog beds 'Green'?
  • All of Kiss My Mutt's™ beds are made with recycled fillers. That means the comfortable, fluffy insides of your dogs' Kiss My Mutt™ beds are made with recycled plastic bottles turned into a soft pillow material! We think this is pretty amazing, and are always trying to think of ways to help limit our carbon footprint!
5. What fabrics are your Outdoor Beds made with?
  • All of Kiss My Mutt's™ 'Outdoor Beds' are designed with water resistant fabrics. This means they are water resistant, mildew resistant, and can withstand discoloration from sunlight! On top of these great qualities, they are extremely durable and will last the wear and tear from your dog.
6. Where do you receive your inspiration from?
  • We get our inspiration from our own dogs, homes, and personal style! Everything we create is made with style, love, comfort, and durability in mind. As our slogan says, Love for dogs + design™!

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