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704   'I Love Dogs' Recycled Door Sign
701   'Kiss My Mutt' Recycled Door Sign
706   'Love Me, Love My Dog' Recycled Door Sign
705   'Must Love Dogs' Reycled Door Sign
703   'Please Walk the Dog' Recycled Door Sign
702   'Wipe Your Paws' Recycled Door Sign
donation-1   ASPCA
2002   Barcelona Mar Braided Bracelet (for people!)
1003   Barcelona Mar Two-toned Braided Collar.
1203   Barcelona Mar Two-toned Braided Leash.
603   Blue Horseshoe T-Shirt
606   Blue Kiss My Mutt™ T-Shirt
602   Blue Royal Crown T-Shirt
801   Blue Skies Two-toned Braided Collar.
901   Blue Skies Two-toned Braided Leash.
2003   Cape Cod Braided Bracelet (for people!)
1005   Cape Cod Two-toned Braided Collar.
1205   Cape Cod Two-toned Braided Leash.
1002   Central Park Two-Toned Braided Collar.
1202   Central Park Two-Toned Braided Leash.
donation-5   D.A.W.G
3002   Dog Silhouette KISS MY MUTT™ Bumper Sticker
1104   Driftwood Multi-Stripe Collar.
1304   Driftwood Multi-Stripe Leash.
1309   Driftwood multi-striped Harness.
102   Eco-Friendly 'Autumn Olive' Outdoor/Indoor Bed.
202   Eco-Friendly 'Green Knot Garden' Bed.
201   Eco-Friendly 'Grey Knot Garden' Bed.
203   Eco-Friendly 'Grey Sunrise' Bed.
101   Eco-Friendly 'Scavo Willow' Outdoor/Indoor Bed.
103   Eco-Friendly 'Sugar Maple' Outdoor/Indoor Bed.
1602   Electric Blue Geo Print Collar.
1707   Electric Blue Geo Print Harness.
1702   Electric Blue Geo Print Leash.
1008   Grey Slate Braided Collar.
1208   Grey Slate Braided Leash.
3003   Heart KISS MY MUTT™ Bumper Sticker
donation-2   Humane Society
donation-3   K9 PALS of Santa Barbara
1410   Kiss My Mutt Crest - Tee. Blue.
1411   Kiss My Mutt Crest - Tee. Brown.
1412   Kiss My Mutt Crest - Tee. Charcoal.
1409   Kiss My Mutt Crest - Tee. Green.
1501   Kiss My Mutt Love Tank. Black.
1502   Kiss My Mutt Love Tank. Blue.
1503   Kiss My Mutt Text with Dog - Fitted Tee. Black.
1504   Kiss My Mutt Text with Dog - Fitted Tee. Charcoal.
1510   Kiss My Mutt Text with Dog - Tee. Blue.
1511   Kiss My Mutt Text with Dog - Tee. Brown.
1512   Kiss My Mutt Text with Dog - Tee. Charcoal.
1509   Kiss My Mutt Text with Dog - Tee. Green.
301   Love 4 Daisies Reversible Bandana.
302   Lucky Stripe Reversible Bandana.
1007   Morning Sky Braided Collar.
1207   Morning Sky Braided Leash.
1103   Nautical Multi-Stripe Collar.
1303   Nautical Multi-Stripe Leash.
1308   Nautical multi-striped Harness.
2001   Palm Springs Braided Bracelet (for people!)
1001   Palm Springs Two-toned Braided Collar.
1201   Palm Springs Two-Toned Braided Leash.
802   Pink Dhalia Two-toned Braided Collar.
902   Pink Dhalia Two-toned Braided Leash.
604   Pink Horseshoe T-Shirt
605   Pink Kiss My Mutt™ T-Shirt
303   Pink Poppies Reversible Bandana.
3001   Repeat Dogs KISS MY MUTT™ Bumper Sticker
1105   Sea Anchor Multi-Stripe Collar.
1305   Sea Anchor Multi-Stripe Leash.
1310   Sea Anchor multi-striped Harness.
601   Sea Anchor T-Shirt
304   Sea Breeze Reversible Bandana.
1102   SeaGrass Multi-Stripe Collar.
1302   Seagrass Multi-Stripe Leash.
1307   SeaGrass multi-striped Harness.
1601   Sun Drop Orange Geo Print Collar.
1706   Sun Drop Orange Geo Print Harness.
1701   Sun Drop Orange Geo Print Leash.
1101   Tropical Breeze Multi-Stripe Collar.
1301   Tropical Breeze Multi-Stripe Leash.
1306   Tropical Breeze multi-striped Harness.
1006   Tropical Orange Braided Collar.
1206   Tropical Orange Braided Leash.
1004   Vancouver Island Two-toned Braided Collar.
1204   Vancouver Island Two-toned Braided Leash.

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